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That moment when you open the mail and see that bubble wrapped parcel – a total Hot Rod moment, “Let’s celebrate *pop, pop, pop*”. That’s the moment I had when i received the Limited Edition CD / DVD combo of the new In Waves.

The Question of Consistency

Fanboy-ness aside, after listening to the themed In Waves song I was a bit weary with this one. Trivium has a reputation for being inconsistent in their style, starting from The Crusade. Their first 2 albums – Embers to Inferno (2003), Ascendency (2005) – provided a very Iron Maiden meets metalcore feel, leaning more towards metalcore in the latter. The Crusade (2006)  received alot of negative ratings from the circle of fans on this side of the world, with its very thrash-version-of-Metallica-meets-Trivium sound. The idea behind this was their attempt for Matt to put the screamo vocal style behind them, to some a bad attempt seeing that he has a VERY (to put it lightly) Hettfield (Metallica) influenced voice. Personally, I thought it was a great conceptual album. But a step away from the very core that opened Trivium to the majority of their fanbase. Thus, enter Shogun (2008). A conceptual mythology based metaphor of an album that attempted to blend the Maiden and metalcore again but with less screaming as promised by Matt. To me this album was fantastic to say so the least.

From this journey, it is no wonder that some in my circles have mentioned the reason of their inability to connect with Trivium’s music as being the inability to feel sincere, with a famous line that goes something like “it feels like they try too hard – don’t get me wrong, they’re talented at their instrumentation.”

So how does In Waves (2011) rate in the consistency department. Well as stated in interviews prior to release by Matt Heafy, the album is trying more to be about being as catchy as Ascendency without the need to be complicated, after all why should they have to prove their abilities at this stage? Upon listening to the theme song In Waves I felt they were now trying too hard to be catchy. But more of that to come later on in this article. The rest of the album is amazing! They’ve managed to introduce clean vocals to dominate some songs more in the lines of what Matt enjoys with a bit more improvements to his falsetto, to the more harsher vocals in the lines of Ascendancy. The guitars solos aren’t as complicated as previous albums and riffs are very much in the line of the latest Metalcore genre’s, but this time:

The album just feels right.


The DVD boasts an awesome 8 track live performance in the Chapman Studio’s, presenting the theme song In Waves (which I have to add grows on you in the live version thanks to the songs solo’s progressive nature). They perform some older songs namely, Ember to Inferno (ember to inferno), Suffocating Sight (ascendency) and Down from the Sky (shogun). There is also a making of documentary thats done in more of a movie style documentary, that really helps you understand the whole process of the making of. Personally I prefered the Shogun documentary as it felt more real, like you were being given a tour in the studio, but it was great to see the effort that went into this album regarding how they trained the new drummer into being more Trivium conscious with regards to writing new drum pieces. Also bundled in the DVD is a music video which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever except that the band looks like a bunch of posers. Personal opinion though, but thanks for including the video.

CD Tracklist:

  1. Capsizing the Sea
  2. In Waves
  3. Inception of the End
  4. Dusk Dismantled
  5. Watch the World Burn
  6. Black
  7. A Skyline’s Severance
  8. [bonus] Ensare the Sun
  9. Built to Fall
  10. Caustic are the Ties that Bind
  11. Forsake not the Dream
  12. [bonus] Drowned in Slow Motion
  13. [bonus] A Grey So Dark
  14. Chaos Reigns
  15. Of All These Yesterdays
  16. Leaving this World Behind
  17. [bonus] Shattering the Skies Above
  18. [bonus] Slave New World

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