Roland Cube-20XL

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Roland Cube 20xl

So you’re looking for an amp? Where are you gonna use it, practice or gigs? What’s your budget? What tone are you aiming for? These are the questions you need to ask before buying an amp. And in the case of the Roland Cube-20XL, how blown away is your mind ready to get!

Sound & Tone

The Roland Cube-20XL is a 20Watt amp that sounds like a 30Watt and will be sure to scare even the boogie man (then again its not that difficult to scare a peado!). The tone is incredibly bright and full and adds to a incredible tone when using clean. Personally I prefer to use my effects pedal for effects, but I have played around with the built in effects on the 20XL and I have to say I was impressed by the professional sound for buck you get out of it.

As I mentioned this 20 Watt sounds huge, and in my practice environment – a 3m by 3m room – setting this amp to half volume practically gets the ears buzzing and the windows shaking. All that without distorting your sound to something you don’t intend and presents a professional sound. Also, i noticed no buzzing sounds when palm muting my guitar thus allowing clear and tight play.


The Roland Cube 20-XL features an EFX set that includes high quality Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Solo or Heavy Octave and Delay, Reverb or Spring.

You also have the option to play it through JC Clean which provides a warm sounding clean tone or Lead that provides awesome Effects that include  a heavy Overdrive, a hard rock Distortion, a self explanatory Metal drive and a heavier Metal Stack.


This is an amp that is perfect for my needs. I was looking for the perfect tone, got me a Ibanez Xiphos and DiMarzio D’Activators but my tone only really shone though with this amp. Seriously, you could do alot worse than this Amp!

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